About Us

PT. Alfa Viktori Familia

Pioneer on Producing High Quality Products with Affordable Price

PT Alfa Viktori Familia (AVF) is a company engaged in manufacturing beauty products, both OEM and ODM, such as cosmetics, skincare, body care and other personal care products. In recent years, PT AVF has shown significant development. We have been CPKB Grade A certified, which means we have met quality and safety standards and have permission to produce all forms and types of cosmetic preparations with advanced technology and high quality.

In order to maintain its leadership position, PT AVF has established a Research and Development department and sets strict guidelines for the Quality Assurance and Control team to ensure the production of top-notch products. We continuously innovate to provide better and high-quality products with obvious legality and, of course, competitive prices in the global market. We also actively support the growth of local cosmetic production.

By providing reasonable MOQ and the flexibility to request prices according to budget, PT AVF is dedicated to always assisting and fully supporting our clients in starting the Maklon Cosmetics business. Of course, by prioritazing the best performance and service from us.

About OEM and ODM


An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a business that manufactures cosmetics according to clients specifications. Clients are free to carry out all market research as well as formula research and development, and then we will help to manufacturing or producing cosmetic products according to samples that our team has previously developed.


Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) is an imported manufacturing company that designs and produces cosmetic products according to the client s desired specifications. PT AVF has now opened an import manufacturing service system based in China. We are ready to help with the entire import process, including legal processing to final goods delivery.

Why Choose PT. Alfa Viktori Familia?

Affordable Quantity

We can assist in making your dream product a reality with a reasonable MOQ as a starting point for testing the market.

Easy Legality Process

Start from HAKI, BPOM, to halal certification, we can assist in managing product legality. So, you dont have to be concerned about your product s distribution license.

Professional Research Team

By having an expert and experienced research and development team, we are always ready to help you create innovative and high quality beauty products.

Competitive Price with High Quality Product

By always prioritizing the product s quality, we can also help you adjust your budget so you can compete in the market.

Free Consultation

We provide free consultation services regarding maklon during the product development process. In person or online consultations are available.

Advanced Laboratory and Manufactur Equipment

Supported by advanced laboratory and manufacturing equipment, we will always maintain the product s quality.